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General information for the courses

The Concept

The objective of a Krav-Maga training program is to instruct the participants in practical KM, self-defense techniques, fighting skills, CQB, defensive tactics & principles that can be readily utilized as the need rises. The key to the approach is to present a well integrated self-defense and fighting outline with relatively few specific techniques.

The system is designed so that the set of principles which are the fundaments of every technique apply to several potential attacks/scenarios. It is because of this approach that trainees reach a high level of proficiency, mentally and technically, in a relatively short time. Krav-Maga is a modern method characterized by a logical and practical approach. It is an easy to perform, natural, and effective system featuring simple movements and "reflexive" behavior.

The ultimate goal is to keep the trainee safe from harm and to give him or her the ability, confidence and security to perform their duties effectively. A course curriculum is designed to prevent injury to the trainee and limit injury to a third party as well.


  • Civilian Instructors' Courses
  • Instructors' courses for military, law-enforcement, special forces, close protection, air-marshals and other defense and security agencies.
  • Custom-Made Courses (for governmental units, security forces and civiliand) in self-defense, fighting skills, defensive tactics, personal and dignitary protection and CQB
  • Establishment and Control of Training Systems for the Above Units
  • Courses and Seminars for Civilians
  • Courses and Seminars for Trainees with Martial Art Background

Integrated Training

Our instructors will join an existing training program of education in the security, law-enforcement and military sectors to give a well integrated KM training suitable to the program in hand.

Initial Level

The different seminars and courses take into consideration the level and background of the trainees to give them, at the highest level possible, the subjects theyesi


IKMF's courses conducted to the above sectors, may be done on the customer's /unit's premises or in facility used by IKMF For our next Events

Our Instructors Staff

Our instructors train a wide range of groups, including: Civilians of all ages; Police officers and military personnel; Special forces, security personnel, and VIP bodyguards from Europe, Africa, the Far-East and Oceania, North and South America.

Instructors are certified by Eyal yanilov and the IKMF-HQ.

The IKMF's global instructors team is in charge of teaching our projects world wide. Members of this team have extensive teaching experience in the fields of law enforcement and military, as well as in the civilian sectors - private, public, and government. President and Head Instructor, Avi Moyal, in personally certifying and assigning each and every instructor member in this team. This qualification is a result of long years of education, training and experiance.