Civilian Instructor Course

Qualification of instructors in different levels. Starting with an intensive Krav-Maga Self-Defense instructors course up to high level Krav-Maga Combat Instructors and specialized courses. We have educated hundreds of instructors operating in : Israel, USA, Most countries in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, the Far-East, Australia, and more.

The basic Krav-Maga Self-Defense instructors course is 180 hours For higher levels we have additional courses:

  • KM Combat instructor
  • Law Enforcement instructor courses
  • Military Instructors' courses
  • Special Units Instructors' courses
  • VIP and Security Instructor courses

To enter our instructors program, one enrolls to the first course:

  • Background - 4 years in other martial art, Boxing or Kick-boxing, with good punching and kicking abilities. (In Europe and Australia, the average age of the participators is around 30 years old, with background of 8-10 years in other systems. We had participants who were over 50 years old with up to 7th degree black belt in other systems and over 30 years of experiance).
  • Good physical condition / fitness
  • Recommendation from one of the following people - a teacher / MA instructor / police officer
  • Candidates should be approved by the local IKMF director    
    (in case that there is no IKMF branch, by the IKMF - HQ)
  • No Criminal record
  • An interview
  • The ability to pay the course
  • Teaching background is an advantage

The graduates of the course will join the IKMF local branch and operate according to our simple regulations. The courses we give are in Israel, Europe, Australia and other countries that we have enough candidates. Please return to us if you have questions.